Printed placemats give immediately noticeable menu info or promo space. They cover the table against scratches and spills and are advantageously dispensable. Table placemats offer a great deal of room to exhibit your restaurant and induce dinning engagement.

The placemats are perfect to show your menu offerings in an ample way. Printed placemats are a convenient way to keep your menus up to date while driving attention.

Our uncoated 70 lb. paper is perfect as it has a moderately low paper weight which does not require a great deal of extra room when keeping bigger amounts on store. Besides, the dainty paper placemats are conveniently discarded and replaced to leave a pleasantly cleaned eating surface for the following diner. Another advantage is that you can draw and write on our paper placemats, so why not plan custom placemats for children to keep them cheerfully engaged until the meal arrives?

Let Green Toad Printers empower your first impression, you take care of the rest...

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